School Age

Kindergarten to 6th grade
School Age Details

For children in Kindergarten (including Transitional Kinder) through 8th grade, CFC provides a variety of childcare programs to meet the needs of these students and their families.

During the school year, we offer before-school and after-school care for children in TK/Kindergarten through 6th grade, including transportation (see below for transportation details). Care is also provided on minimum days, and our schedule is adjusted accordingly. Children in grades 1-6 bring their lunch on minimum days and when they're at the Center all day; lunch for TK/Kindergarten children is provided on these days at no additional cost.


When GUSD is not in session (summer vacation, winter holidays, spring break, etc.), qualified staff provide full-day care for school-age children going into TK/Kindergarten - 8th grade. An exciting program of activities is provided here on campus, plus many field trips to places in the Los Angeles area. A hired bus or vans are used for field trips. Tuition costs include entrance fee to recreation sites, transportation, and special events. We provide the a.m. and p.m. snacks. Children in grades 1-8 bring their own sack lunches. Click here for a sample summer break schedule.

Transportation Details
For families with early work schedules, students in grades TK-6 can come to CFC as early as 7:00 am and be driven to one of the seven area schools we serve. After school, they are picked up at the appropriate dismissal times. The seven area schools we transport to are:
  • Dunsmore

  • Fremont

  • La Crescenta

  • Lincoln

  • Monte Vista

  • Mountain Avenue

  • Valley View


Children are transported to and from school in vans owned by the church. The vans are inspected by the California Highway Patrol for safety and are continually monitored for safety and good maintenance by the drivers. The drivers are licensed and approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles, by La Crescenta Presbyterian Church, and by our insurance company. They must pass the requirements for safe driving by all the preceding. The Department of Motor Vehicles periodically checks all of our drivers' licenses for violations that may have been received. CFC abides by all California Highway Patrol regulations.

Parents must call the Center before 11:00 am each time their child is not to be picked up after school! This is VERY IMPORTANT. It avoids time lost looking for your child while other children at other schools are waiting for the van. A $10.00 fee will be charged each time a parent neglects to inform the Center for Children NOT to pick up their child. It is also helpful if you will inform us when your child's school is having a minimum day or a day not taught which would require your child to be here instead of at their school.

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