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Special Needs

The Center for Children believes that part of its call is to serve children with special needs. This may include children with diagnosed disabilities, medical conditions, developmental delays, dietary restrictions or other special needs. When placing a special needs child in our classroom we must consider how well we can serve that child. Considerations include, but are not limited to, our licensing restrictions, ratios in the classroom, classroom size, staff capabilities, number of other special needs children in the class and parents' willingness to work with the Center for Children to create the best possible experience for all the children in the group.


The CFC works with local regional centers including agencies like the CCRC and the Lanterman Center along with public school districts. We will walk alongside parents as they find the resources needed for inclusion including: one-on-one program assistants, on-campus therapy such as speech and language, and behavioral therapy.


The CFC will work with, but is not able to provide, one-on-one care.

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