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About Us

Our Goals

At the Center for Children, we provide:


  • Developmentally appropriate activities that allow children freedom to explore new ideas and concepts.

  • A physical environment that challenges both mind and body.

  • A Christian climate that teaches God's love and forgiveness.

  • Warm, nurturing and trained staff members committed to building each child's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self.

  • A partnership with parents in the educating of their children through parent conferences, parent education, family events and newsletters.

Our Community

We support the La Crescenta/Montrose communities and the broader Glendale Unified School District, and provide child care on many of the days the school district is closed.

We are located on the campus of the La Crescenta Presbyterian Church, and are one of the missions of the church.

Our Staff

The majority of our highly trained and experienced staff members have been with CFC for 12 years or more; teaching, providing child care or both. Staff members attend continuing education workshops and/or college courses throughout the year. Because consistency is important with children, everyone follows the same general philosophy and practices (based on the Love & Logic approach). They are all trained in basic first aid techniques and are certified in CPR.

Although licensing requirements vary by age when it comes to the ratio of caregivers to children, we prefer to maintain low ratios to provide a higher level of care. We believe children need, first and foremost, to be children. Recognizing their talents, skills and intelligence, we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that allows them to learn through play, social interaction, discovery and instruction. We encourage them to make choices and experience the outcomes of their choices in a loving and nurturing environment.

Who We Serve

All are welcome at the Center for Children regardless of race, nationality, religion, ambulatory abilities or gender. We try to accommodate children with special needs as much as possible, within the limits of our license.

The families we work with include single parents, married parents, parents sharing custody, grandparents raising children, foster parents, step-parents and siblings raising siblings. We have children from families who attend this church (La Crescenta Presbyterian Church), and children from families who attend other churches, temples, mosques, home Bible Studies, or who do not have a church home. We have children with special needs and children who need special attention, children with dietary restrictions and children with other health issues. We have children who are noisy and dirty and wild, and we have children who are quiet and clean and shy. We have children who need to be held and children who need to be let free. What we have at the Center for Children are God's children -- each one of equal value, each one worthy of His love and of our quality care.

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